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We offer alternative financing solutions to capitalise on Africa’s emerging trends. CeedInvest is a private deal network serving professionals who own, advise and invest in Africa, access to highly vetted private startups and SME deals early.

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Our Philosophy

In today's world, startups and SMEs are the key drivers of inclusive growth.

A systematic approach that identifies demographic trends and invests in startups and SMEs that stand to profit from the trend.


Our objective is to provide innovative financing solutions to African digital startups and SMEs that have the potential to generate short-to-long term current income and acceptable return on capital early.


We deploy a thematic approach to funding the financial needs of digital startups and SMEs strategically focused on demographic trends across Africa’s middle-market economy that stimulate socio-economic growth.  

Our approach

A thematic approach that invests in SMEs that stand to profit from emerging trends.

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